Hello, Jordan here. If you haven't already noticed I have an obsession with a tv show called Castle, it's quite a problem.

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Stupid perfect idiots in love.

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Kate Beckett → That 70’s Show

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Now that you guys have connected to my vision here, perhaps we can revisit the flowers?


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6.21 promo (x)

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It’s a win win! 

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Caskett + In sync

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"Let’s do it the right way. Honor the times along with the man."

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"We really do have scripts!"

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You are a man of honour, Captain. 

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"A baby. I really want her to get pregnant with Castle’s baby. I’m even sure that we’ll end the series with Kate and Rick being together and having a baby. I think it’ll be a boy. [Laughs]"

- Stana Katic “Apart from being with Castle, what do you wish for Kate in future episodes?” (via castle-beckett-life)

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